LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

High-quality 3D printing resin for the production of orthodontic and dental appliances

  • Transparent
  • Exact fit
  • Not brittle
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Highly stable
  • Ideal for mouthguards, nightguards, splints and positioners
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LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

LuxaPrint Ortho Plus is a high-quality, light-cured resin for use with DLP printers at a wavelength of 385nm. The material aids in the production of orthodontic and dental appliances such as mouthguards, nightguards, splints and tooth positioners.

The high impact strength, without brittleness, provides the reliable stability and robust devices that are comfortable to wear. The high-quality resin allows for the fabrication of devices that provide:

  • A highly comfortable, exact fit
  • Stability you can rely on (not brittle)
  • Optimal transparency for a clear work area


LuxaPrint Ortho Plus  
171259 LuxaPrint Ortho Plus
1 200gm bottle
171210 LuxaPrint Ortho Plus
1 500gm bottle
171211 LuxaPrint Ortho Plus
1 1kg bottle


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