Luxatemp Plus

  • Negligible linear shrinkage and heat production during polymerization  
  • High flexural strength
  • Neutral taste, no odor or stinging of gingiva
  • Durable and long-lasting temporary restorations  
  • Optimized resistance to abrasion
  • High biocompatibility
  • Exceptional fit
Luxatemp Plus

“Having been in clinical practice for over 30 years and educating other dentists for the past 25, there are only a few products that stand out as the very best!  One of these is Luxatemp.  Since my initial use in 1996, to the restorative case I prepared and provisionalized yesterday, this is definitely a product I could not be without.  Other provisional materials may claim they are equal to Luxatemp, but that is just not the case and no other provisional material has stood the test of time and proven its excellence like Luxatemp.  I use it in my practice daily and it has been my material of choice in all of my live-patient hands-on courses for the past 20+ years.” — Dr. David S. Hornbrook



Luxatemp Automix Plus Physical Properties

Mixing Ratio (Catalyst/Base)1:10
Compressive Strength220 MPa
Transverse Strength80 MPa
Diametrical Tensile Strength36 MPa
Barcol Hardness35
Water sorption10 ug/mm
Maximum Temperature During Polymerization38˚C / 100˚F

Proven success material for temporary crowns and bridges

Luxatemp Automix Plus is used to create provisional restorations for placement in the patient's mouth during indirect and prosthodontic treatments.  Luxatemp Automix Plus provides extremely accurate provisionals with excellent marginal adaptation and negligible linear shrinkage during polymerization, eliminating the need to re-marginate. It produces durable and long-lasting temporaries that are abrasion resistant and easily removable.

The high hardness prevents wearing down of bridges eliminating the perforations of the provisional and the risk of saliva, bacteria and thermal irritants reaching the tooth. The fabrication of provisionals can be done directly in the patient’s mouth with no heat damage to pulp or tissue due to minimal heat production during polymerization.

The quick, easy-to-use dispensing Automix delivery system saves time and money and eliminates waste while allowing for easy control of the material being dispensed. The cartridge incorporates distinctly separate outlets for base and catalyst preventing material cross-contamination which can lead to the material not setting. 

Specially designed Mixing Tips provide an exact 10:1 base/catalyst ratio guaranteeing a thorough mix every time, color stability, minimizing porous surfaces, reducing staining from coffee, tea, etc. and no air bubble voids.

Its neutral taste and lack of odor is a patient-friendly material. Available in five lifelike shades: A1, A2, A3.5, B1 and Bleach Light.


Luxatemp Automix Plus

110400 Introductory Kit - A2 Shade
1 76gm cartridge of A2 shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
1 Luxatemp Plus applicator gun
110401 Refill Kit - A1 Shade
1 76gm cartridge of A1 shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
110402 Refill Kit - A2 Shade
1 76gm cartridge of A2 shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
110403 Refill Kit - A3.5 Shade
1 76gm cartridge of A3.5 shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
110404 Refill Kit - B1 Shade
1 76gm cartridge of B1 shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
110368 Refill Kit - Bleach light Shade
1 76 gm cartridge of Bleach Light shade
15 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips
110406 Bulk Package - A2
5 76gm cartridges of A2 shade
75 Luxatemp Plus fine mixing tips

Luxatemp Automix Plus Accessories

110411 Applicator Gun
1 Luxatemp Plus applicator gun
110351 Fine Tips
1 Bag of 25 plus fine mixing tips


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