The innovative self-adapting dental post that provides a custom fit for every application.



The patented SpirapostPFS (Poly Fiber Strands), exclusively from Zenith Dental, naturally flexes to conform to the shape of the canal, to offer the benefits of a custom fit for all root canal configurations. Due to its unique design, Spirapost is able to adapt to the irregularities of the canal, so it minimizes the removal of tooth material. Non-technique- sensitive, radiopaque and highly esthetic, Spirapost is simply the most advantageous dental post now available.




Conforms to curvature of canal

Does not hold memory, reducing stresses within the canal

Absorbs and distributes external forces, minimizing the risk of failure

Easy to use and cost-effective

Multiple posts may be used in molars with converging canals


Easy to remove if retreatment is necessary

100% biocompatible materials

SpiraPostPFS in detail


Unique design minimizes removal of tooth structure. 

Due to its unique, flexible design, Spirapost is able to adapt to the curvature and irregularities of the canal, permitting an ultra-conservative post space preparation and eliminating the need to make the canal fit the post. By preserving more tooth structure, you end up
with a stronger tooth – a critical factor in the long-term success of any restoration.

A structurally strong restorative system.

Spirapost consists of surgical stainless steel wires twisted around biocompatible natural color polyfiber strands.

The polyfiber strands work similarly to rebar-type construction in the building industry. The resin cement (within the canal) and composite core material integrate with the strands, creating a homogenous unit that effectively and safely adds reinforcement and structural integrity to the final restoration. It does not hold memory, so there is no concern for undue stresses within the canal. 

This strong structure facilitates the safe absorption and distribution of external forces and virtually eliminates the risk of failure due to flexibility discrepancies between the post and restorative material.

Spirapost provides the ideal angle for superior support. 

Spirapost is self-centering within the canal and, once the post cement has been cured, the coronal portion of Spirapost can be angled so that it is vertical to the central axis of the tooth. This helps distribute stresses evenly and provides the maximum amount of support for the restoration.

* U.S. Patent #6,793,493


SpirapostPFS Introductory Package

10 Tapered posts

10 Parallel posts

1 #4 Gates Glidden

1 #5 Gates Glidden

1 Spirapost ruler

Item # 888100

SpirapostPFS Parallel Refill Package

10 Parallel posts

1 #5 Gates Glidden

Item # 888101

SpirapostPFS Taper Refill Package

10 tapered posts

1 #4 Gates Glidden

Item # 888102

SpirapostPFS Ruler

Item # 888103