Temp Tabs - Quick impressions for fabricating temporaries

Temp Tabs 

Temp Tabs are a flexible thermoplastic tab for fabricating temporary crowns and bridges or quick bite registrations.

What is thermoplastic? Thermoplastic is biocompatible, low cost, low tech, and biodegradable material with a unique blend of flexibility and rigidity. It won’t adhere to undercuts and can be molded or adjusted for accuracy and patient comfort. It’s easy to re-heat and re-place; no need to discard it for new material!

Temp Tabs


Quick 20 sec. setup (w/ air syringe)


weiche Tablette auf Zähne gebracht

Biocompatible tabs for a wide range of indications

  • Temporary matrices
  • Bite registrations
  • Stabilize 3-way trays
  • Stopping pre site bleeding
  • Implant placement guides
  • Implant abutment jigs
  • Implant space maintainers
  • Chairside night guards

Temp Tabs - Blue Shade

72 Tabs

Item # 143020

Temp Tabs - Natural Shade

72 tabs

Item # 143033