Additional Accessories

A variety of complimentary accessories 

  • Convenient assortment of accessories
  • Disposable to aid in workflow
  • Easy to use
Additional Accessories

In addition to the dental product offerings, we carry for your convenience a full range of miscellaneous accessories for your dental practice, including disposable brush tips, brush handles, placement tools, mixing pads, mixing wells, placement straws and spatulas.

Disposable brush tips for conveniently dispensing and distributing all types of dental materials.

Brush handles are a great complimentary item to the disposable brush to aid you in your every day workflow.

Placement tools help your dental team, place, sculpt and contour composites and other materials with ease.

Mixing pads for all your cement, restorative and impression material needs. These pads are made of plastic-coated special paper, which is easily detached from the pad.

Mixing wells aid in blending a variety of dental materials like adhesives, cements etc. 

Placement spatulas is an ideal all purpose instrument perfect for mixing and placing cements and other dental materials.


Additional Accessories

61102 Package of 100 Disposable Brush Tips
61103 Package of 2 Brush Handles
61104 Package of 2 Placement Tools
61105 Package of 4 Mixing Pads
61106 Package of 10 Mixing Wells
61107 Package of 100 Placement Straws
61108 Package of 50 Spatulas