Composite Dispensers.

DMG Composite Dispenser

The DMG Composite Dispenser is available for the direct application of all commercially available composite tips: 

  • Quick, easy and precise placement of materials
  • Comfortable and easy to hold and maneuver
  • Effortless to load
  • Universal; for the direct application of all compules
  • Autoclavable

DMG Safetip Dispenser Pro

Particularly ergonomic, the Safetip Dispenser Pro is our newest, high-quality dispenser that provides greater clinician comfort for composite restorations:

  • Universal; for the direct application of all compules
  • Easy dispensing thanks to parallel handles
  • Precise treatment through straight-line motion
  • Ergonomic handling, even for small hands


Precise, safe application

Easy to use

Reliable DMG quality

Dispenser in detail

Would you like your work to be quick, easy and clean? That’s not a problem with our DMG-quality dispensers. Whether you’re using the classic Safetip Dispenser for composite materials, the particularly ergonomic Safetip Dispenser Pro or the Applicap Dispenser for the DeltaFil GIC Applicaps – with these DMG accessories, you’re always on the right side.

1 DMG Composite Dispenser

Item # 220600

Pack: 1 DMG Safetip Dispenser Pro

Item # 222829