Automix Dispenser.
For safe and clean application.

Automix Dispenser

Homogeneous, bubble-free mixing

Trouble-free dispensing

Easy to use

Compatible with all commercially available 25ml and 50ml-cartridges

Available for mixing ratio 1:1 and 10:1

3 verschiedene Geräte

Automix Dispenser in detail

The Automix Dispenser allows for homogeneous, bubble-free mixing for a safe and clean application with easy handling.

The reliable and easy to use delivery system is compatible with all commercially available 25ml and 50ml cartridges. Automatic mixing of dental materials is available for mixing ratios 1:1 and 10:1.

Umspritzen der Präparation mit gelber Masse
Easy application with the Automix Dispenser

Automix Dispenser Type 25 1:1

Item # 110253

Automix Dispenser Type 50 1:1

Item # 999507

Automix Dispenser Type 50 10:1

Item # 110411