Variable Speed Amalgamator.
Your amalgamator of choice.

Variable Speed Amalgamator

Vibration absorbers

Reduced motor noise

High-impact case

Maintenance free

Built-in timer to mix and blend the pillow

Direct drive high-torque motor

Reinforced fiberglass arm design

Zenith Dental's Variable Speed Amalgamator features a powerful high-torque motor with a durable case and a choice of 3 speed settings: high (4,800 rpm), medium (4,200 rpm) and low (3,600 rpm).

With a built-in timer can mix and blend the pillow from 5-30 seconds and the universal reinforced fiberglass arm design accommodates mixing of most direct placement capsules.

The vibration absorbers reduce the motor noise and eliminates "walking" while in use.

The protective smoke cover of the high-impact case covers the arm and capsule during high speed mixing to reduce noise making it more durable than metal and it is easier to clean.

Variable Speed Amalgamator

 9-1/2" (L) x 7-1/2" (W) x 4" (H)

Item # 61033

Instructions for use