The faster, easier alternative to alginates

  • Pourable after 10 minutes
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Very long shelf life
  • Repourable
  • Firm consistency for slump-free tray dispensing
  • Sets quickly for greater patient comfort

Situation impressions that last.

StatusBlue is an efficient, clean and stable situation impression material specifically designed as an alginate alternative. The innovative A-silicone formula makes it quick and easy to take situation impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models, and opposing jaw models. Unlike alginates, StatusBlue is 100% dust-free and can be cold disinfected, allowing for clean, neat and safe impression taking.

StatusBlue, the VPS impression material for all situation impressions combines the advantages of VPS with the characteristics of alginates. It has the positive properties of an alginate, such as short intraoral setting time, hydrophilicity, and easy removal and the outstanding properties of a VPS, including crisp detail, elastic recovery and dimensional stability. The smooth surface of StatusBlue is ideal for the fabrication of temporaries. It enables precise models to be formed, minimizing the amount of polishing needed for the temporary.

In a clinical evaluation conducted by the US research publication "THE DENTAL ADVISOR", StatusBlue received a 5+* rating, which is the highest rating. A strong confirmation for the  product properties of this VPS impression material.

StatusBlue puts an end to the mess, trouble and lost chair time caused by alginates.

There is simply no faster, easier choice for situation impressions.

Top lecturers teach that alginates – with their time-consuming hand-mixing, mess and cleanup – are strictly old school. The ideal choice to create situation impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models and opposing jaw models is StatusBlue.

Firm consistency for slump-free tray dispensing.

StatusBlue has an innovative A-silicone formula for a firm consistency and better patient acceptance than alginates. Fast, easy and clean dispensing options include 50ml cartridges for Automix guns and 380ml cartridges for MixStar. It provides greater portability for multi-operatory practices.

Sets quickly for greater patient comfort.

StatusBlue sets in the mouth in just 1 minute 75 seconds, for better patient comfort. And its unique viscosity allows it to flow better under bite pressure, so it captures exceptional accuracy and detail.

Stays dimensionally stable.

Unlike alginates, StatusBlue impressions stay dimensionally stable and do not have to be kept moist – so there’s no pressure to “pour it or lose it.” You can pour the model today, tomorrow or next week! You can even cold sterilize StatusBlue impressions and re-pour as needed. It Allows quick, distortion-free removal from dental devices.  Due to its high dimensional stability, impressions taken with StatusBlue neither shrink nor swell.

Features benefits
Very high dimensional stability Long shelf life
No time-consuming hand-mixing Homogeneous and dust-free mixing
Simple and hygienic handling
Excellent recovery after deformation Precise reproduction of the oral situation
Short setting time in the mouth No running into interdental spaces

StatusBlue Physical Properties

CompositionAddition curing vinylpolysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst
Setting Time1.45 minutes
Consistency(mm)Type 2, Medium Bodied ( < 35mm)
Compression set(%)≤ 0.7%
Base/Catalyst Ratio4:1
Recommended Time in Mouth1:45 minutes
Compression Set≤ 0.7%
Dimensional Change (after 24 hr)≤ 0.4%
Shore A Hardnessca. 40



999693 StatusBlue MixStar Cartridge
1 Cartridge (380ml)
10 MixStar Mixing Tips
999826 StatusBlue for Automix Guns
1 Economy Tub (8-50ml cartridges)
16 Automix Tips

StatusBlue Accessories

999567 MixStar Mixing Tips
1 Box of 50 Tips
999797 StatusBlue Automix Tips
1 Bag of 25
110411 Type 50 (4:1 and 10:1)
1 Applicator Gun


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