• Optimal adhesion and removability
  • Thin film thickness
  • Automatic mixing and direct application
Seating a temporary with TempoCemNE.
Seating a temporary with TempoCemNE.
Removal of excess material after setting.
Removal of excess material after setting.

TempoCemNE Physical Properties

Composition  Zinc oxide - non-eugenol
Working Time  1 minute
Complete Setting Time  4-5 minutes intra-orally
Film Thickness  ≤ 20µm
Compressive Strength <=35MPa
Radiopacity  ≥ 200%

Temporary luting of provisional crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays

TempoCemNE zinc oxide non-eugenol cement is ideal for use in cases where a eugenol temporary cement is not recommended. Because any residue of eugenol may inhibit the polymerization of resin materials, the non-eugenol formulation is perfect for cases in which a resin material or a resin reinforced glass ionomer will be used for the final restoration.

With a thin film thickness under 20μm, TempoCemNE provides a precise fit for all provisional restorations as well as cementing final restorations during "try-in."

Available in convenient and economical dispensing systems that ensure accurate and homogeneous mix every time.


TempoCemNE Smartmix

212104 TempoCem®NE Smartmix Temporary Cement
2 5ml Syringes
10 Smartmix Tips

TempoCemNE Automix

110302 TempoCemNE Refill Kit
1 25ml Cartridge
40 Mixing Cannulas

TempoCemNE Accessories

110253 Type-25 Applicator Gun
1 Applicator Gun
110266 Mixing Tips
1 Bag of 50 Cement Cannulas
212040 Smartmix Tips
1 Bag of 50 tips


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