Temporary luting of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, not to mention implant-supported prostheses.


TempoCem is a zinc oxide, eugenol temporary cement designed for use with all types of provisionals. The presence of eugenol provides a "sedative" effect on the pulp.

While it offers optimal stability and adhesion to ensure that it retains the restoration, it is flexible under the crown for easy removal of the temporary. It's easy to use and place during cementation of the temporary.

It is used for cementing a provisional restoration during the period between the tooth preparation and seating of the final crown and ideal for cementing in a final restoration during a "try in" period.

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TempoCem – temporary luting cement with eugenol


Calming effect due to eugenol

Easy and clean removal of excess

Containing eugenol

TempoCem Automix Refill Kit

1 25ml cartridge

40 Mixing Tips/Cannulas

Item # 110300

TempoCem Smartmix

2 5ml Syringes

10 Smartmix Tips 

Item # 212129

TempoCem Accessories, Type-25 Applicator Gun

1 Applicator Gun

Item # 212040

TempoCem Accessories, Mixing Tips

1 Bag of 50 Cement Cannulas 

Item # 110266

TempoCem Accessories, Smartmix Tips

1 Bag of 50

Item # 212040