40% Etchant Gel.
An etchant for tooth enamel.

40% Etchant Gel

The universal phosphoric acid gel offers a safe retention pattern in all total-etch or selective-etch applications.


40% Etchant Gel

40 % phosphoric acid gel

Blue for easy identification

Precise, controlled placement

Rinses off easily and cleanly

40% Etchant Gel

A 40% phosphoric acid gel for etching tooth enamel. The gel has good flow properties and the viscosity prevents flow of acid into soft tissue, adjacent teeth and/or cementum and dentin. Its thixotropic properties will not run but rinses off easily and cleanly. Blue color is easily distinguishable from the tooth structure. 

It is easily dispensed with disposable, angled Luer-Loc micro tips allowing for precise and controlled placement while preventing cross contamination. The Luer-loc prevents tip from coming off during the procedure.

Etch gel

4 1.2ml syringes
20 micro etch tips

Item # 61901

Bag of 20 Etch Gel Micro Tips

1 Bag of 20 Etch Gel Micro Tips

Item # 61903

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