LuxaBond Total Etch.
Secure bond deep down.

LuxaBond Total Etch

LuxaBond Total Etch, the dual-curing adhesive system, ensures controlled self-curing and a secure bond even in hard-to-reach areas – in the likes of the root canal.

LuxaBond Total Etch: Your dual-curing
specialist for total-etch applications

The three-bottle system cures even without light, making it particularly suitable for the challenging adhesive cementation of root posts and core build-ups, not to mention veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. The Pre-Bond ensures that, after its application, the bond mix quickly cures in a controlled fashion in the tooth structure, thus creating a superior bond with better retention. Compatible with self-curing and dual-curing composite resin materials and combined with special endobrushes to allows for easy root canal application. 

The pre-bonding that facilitates the superior adhesion properties of the system is applied after separate etching of the enamel and dentin. It ensures that the bonding mixture (consisting of components A and B) hardens very quickly after application to the tooth material. It means that a ready-made anchor layer is present even before the introduction of the restoration material.

In addition, the pre-bonding allows a longer processing time for the bonding mixture, as its curing is only accelerated when it comes in contact with the pre-bond. For easy handling, the order of application is specified on the bottles, with color codes to indicate the bond components.

LuxaBond Total Etch is a dual-curing adhesive system that provides users with more reliable total bond strength through specifically shaped Endobrushes for an easier application in the root canal. In addition to the endodontic application, the adhesive system is also suitable for bonding of posts, cores, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

Bond with confidence; the pre-bond activator reacts with the adhesives in the tooth, leading to deeper penetration with flexible working time and a stronger bond. Self-curing does more than just allow it to be used in areas that light does not reach.

LuxaBond Total Etch is recommended for use with LuxaCore Z Dual for core build-up or for adhesive cementation of crowns and bridges with Vitique or PermaCem. In these cases, there is the option of curing it with light.

LuxaBond Total Etch

Clinically proven bonding classic in DMG quality

Reliable curing due to dual-curing


LuxaBond Total Etch in detail

LuxaBond Total Etch is excellently suited to use with LuxaCore Z Dual, PermaCem Universal and PermaCem Dual. The coordinated materials reliably ensure a secure adhesive bond.

2 Flaschen, 1 Spritze in der Anwendung
LuxaBond Total Etch in use

LuxaBond Total Etch Intro Kit

1 5ml bottle Pre-Bond
1 5ml bottle Bond A
1 5ml bottle Bond B
1 2ml Syringe Etch Gel Medium V
25 Red Endobrushes
25 Black Endobrushes
3 Luer-lock tipes
1 Mixing Palette

Item # 212384

Endo Brush Refill

25 Red Endobrushes

Item # 212385

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