Vitique Silane.
The secure base for ceramic veneers.

Vitique Silane

DMG’s two-bottle silane forms the secure foundation for the reliable cementation of ceramic veneers. Perfect for conditioning silicate ceramic surfaces.

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Vitique Silane – the perfect foundation for reliable fixation

Vitique Silane

Reliable bond

Excellent workability thanks to a mixing ratio of 1:1

Fresh mix for each application

Vitique Silane in detail

Vitique Silane is your material of choice to effectively silanise the surface of silicate ceramic restorations for durable cementation. The silane is easy to use and ensures that a secure bond develops between the ceramic and the subsequent cement. In the mixing well, the two components can be freshly mixed in a ratio of 1:1 and then applied. This ensures full reactivity and ideal silanisation compared to single-bottle silanes.

Pack: Vitique Silane

1 Bottle @ 3 ml Vitique Silane Adhesive
1 Bottle @ 3 ml Vitique Silane Activator
50 Brushes
1 Brush holder

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